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    In which cases should rhinoplasty surgery be performed?
    Rhinoplasty can be done in many situations. It is applied in cases that are not aesthetically pleasing in the nose structure, arch appearance, low nose, correction of the angles between the nose and forehead, nose fractures. In addition, nasal aesthetics is applied in cases such as respiratory problems, nasal concha or deviation.
    What is the difference of Piezo Rhioplasty method?
    With the Piezo Rhinoplasty method, the bone tissue is cut with ultrasonic sound frequencies without the use of crushing tools in rhinoplasty, and the vessels, nerves and soft tissue around the bone are not damaged. Since the bone tissue is cut with millimetric calculations, the post-operative satisfaction rate is higher.
    Will there be any scars from the surgery?
    There is a common belief that plastic surgery is an operation that leaves no scars. Appropriate surgical material and special suture materials are used for aesthetic surgery, even if it is very little, a scar remains. However, in plastic surgeries, these scars are hidden somewhere. For example, inside the nostrils in rhinoplasty, inside the eyelid in eyelid surgery, behind the ear in ear operations. In tummy tuck operations, the scar is slightly longer than the cesarean section and remains hidden in the bikini area. Liposuction does not leave any traces. In some surgeries, it is not possible to hide all the scars. For example, as in breast reduction surgeries.
    Do silicones have a certain lifespan?
    Standard silicone implants do not have a certain, that is, a limited lifespan. Those who are applied can carry it for a lifetime.
    What are the risks?
    The risks of aesthetic surgery, as in all other surgical interventions, are the risks that may arise from the general health problems of the person. Apart from this, there are no dangers arising from aesthetic surgeries themselves. Since aesthetic surgery is not an intervention related to vital organs and tissues, there is no risk to the health or life of the patients.
    How long does it take to heal?
    It is usually possible to go home the same day after plastic surgery. In some cases, staying in the hospital for 1 day is useful for postoperative follow-up. Rarely, it may occur in cases that require hospitalization for 2-3 days. The healing process, ie removal of bandages, plasters and stitches from the body, is completed within 1 week. The final form of the new shape formed as a result of the intervention is completed in a few months.
    What can I do to get the result as I want?
    After the operation, you should not go beyond the recommendations of your doctor. You will be called for post-operative dressing and controls. Do not delay the controls and use the medications given.