Merve Goru

I had him do nose surgery 3 years ago. I am very pleased with my nose, and he is one of the rare doctors that I find respected, reliable and not strictly money-oriented, for which I went to him for minutes of advice for every procedure I thought about having done. In addition, my friends whom I directed and who had surgery were also very satisfied. Thank you Baris Partridge..

Neslihan İpekoğlu

I think that a person can entrust his most difficult child to someone, he is an excellent doctor with his sensitivity to his job, his interest in his patient, his warmth and the perfection of the result.

Ceren Kasa

Dr. I had chest surgery at Baris Keklik. It’s been 3 months since the surgery and I’m facing great results. I live in Germany, but I can always reach Mr. Baris if I have any questions. A very friendly and professional doctor. I strongly and strongly recommend it to everyone.

Gül Acar

I had a combined surgery 1 month ago, although I have swelling, I am so happy that I am so happy with my peace doctor, with endless love and thanks. I recommend it to everyone. I have searched for doctors for years and contacted many assistants, my questions have always remained unanswered. My teacher Barış and his assistant Eda treated me like one of their family. Thanks again I’m glad I chose you.

Ayşegül Girgin

Both he and his team are incredibly sweet and caring people.
He had my friend’s nose surgery 3 years ago. Since I personally witnessed the result, I had a nose surgery a year ago and I was very pleased. He is a very successful, very caring and respectful doctor who does his job properly. You will never regret.
I would recommend it to everyone.
Thank you Barış Bey for making our lives beautiful!

Ela Özlem Oturakçı

My dear doctor, Op.Dr.Barış Keklik, whom I found as a result of my intense research and touched my life with a magic wand… I can’t thank him enough. Thanks to the revision operation, which I avoided for years with fear, I recovered quickly without experiencing bruises, swelling, etc. The operation was very successful and Mr. Barış taught me that I could not breathe for all these years 🙂 Thank you endlessly for making me breathe as if I have started my life again, for making a difficult operation so successful and easy and helping me overcome my fears. Well done Op.Dr.Baris Keklik!