How is the Gastric Balloon Placed? How Long is the Processing Time?

In this method, a hollow balloon is placed from the mouth to the stomach under light anesthesia, accompanied by endoscopy. Then the balloon is inflated and a fullness is created in the patient’s stomach, providing a feeling of satiety. Gastric balloon is defined as a non-surgical method. However, an important difference from other methods is that the balloon is removed after a certain period of time (6 months) and the results are not permanent. The balloon is used in the temporary treatment of obesity, helping to lose weight and maintain the lost weight. In addition, before bariatric surgery, it helps to weaken the patients who will undergo surgery and to reduce surgical risks. However, the balloon can be left in the stomach for a maximum of 6 months. If the person does not adopt a suitable diet or exercise program after the balloon is removed, they may gain weight again.