Normally, there are transverse lines on the forehead, the depth of which differs from person to person. Between the eyebrows, these lines become vertical. As with the facial skin, the forehead skin begins to loosen and sag in parallel with the progression of age and the existing lines become deeper. Over time, the eyebrows go down and a tired-looking facial expression emerges.

This surgery is usually applied to male and female patients over the age of 40 who have no other health problems. With forehead lift surgery, the lines on the forehead are minimized. The eyebrows drooping over the eye are lifted and brought to where they should be, and the person is given a lively look.

Forehead lift surgery can be performed by endoscopic method recently. In patients who do not need to remove excess tissue, the same result can be obtained with 3 or 4 incisions of 2 cm in the scalp from behind the hairline. This method is used in most of the patients. In this method, the post-operative period is more comfortable, there is no loss of sensation on the scalp or it is minimal.