Clinicare Bosphorus is an institution where patients from abroad are welcomed and treated in the best possible way. Operator Doctor Barış Keklik is our doctor who performs the surgery of our patients. You can check the @bariskelik.m.d page to review the information of our doctor, who has expertise in many different fields and has been satisfied with his patients with his successful operations for years. You can review us and our doctor on all social media channels.

Our working process is as follows. First of all, you can send us a message and get information. You can inform us about the surgery you want to have and get a free examination from our doctor. We can provide free video consultation according to your request. Then we plan your arrival and departure dates for your surgery and start the process. We will pick you up from Istanbul airport and transfer you to the hotel. On the day of the operation, we transfer you from the hotel to the hospital, make the last detailed interview with our doctor and take you into surgery. You will then be transferred to the hotel with post-operative care and medication and post-care information. After the operation, we take you under regular control, and finally, on the last day, we provide the last check-up at the clinic, additional information and recommendations for the postoperative period, transfer to the airport and return to your country in a healthy and happy manner.

The whole process is explained in detail in the video on the side, if you have any questions, you can send a message without hesitation to discuss.