Serdar Sezer

Before deciding on Keklik Bey, I took advice from Lindau, Munich and Stuttgart.
Result: Mr. Partridge is an excellent and humane doctor. I have been a regular client (Botox) for several years and have done myself hair transplant and nose surgery.
Enlarged the breasts of a friend with an excellent result. I do not agree with the opinion of those who think that he is a money lover. Money matters are taken care of by their great and very helpful coordinators who calculate absolutely reasonable prices for an exceptionally good doctor.

Me and my advice will forever stick to our great doctor!!

Melanie Mache

Dr. Partridge is a great doctor. Extremely friendly and empathetic. He responds to my requests and I am exceedingly satisfied. His assistants are also great and always up for questions. I highly recommend it

Cigdem Alkan

I had a nose surgery last year this month.
I am very happy with the result, this is the only address I will go to. All my respects cigdem , a perfect human being .

Zuhal Delibalta

Hello, he is the best doctor I know who changed my life, and he has the sweetest assistant, and he did wonders on my face with his gentle hands. If I have to have surgery every year, I only come to teacher Barış every year. I’m already saving money, I will have surgery for my teacher again, new love again ♥️♥️♥️♥️ ♥️

Sevket Akkaya

I applied to Barış Bey for a hair transplant 3 years ago. Information before and after the operation was sufficient. It was a successful operation. Thank you again. I recommend it to everyone!

Idris Kabadayi

He’s a very competent and good doctor. I had eyelid surgery. I recovered in a very short time without any swelling, bruising and pain. His team and himself have always been very helpful.


I had nose surgery 1 year ago. I was very satisfied both during and after the surgery. Definitely a great doctor, I recommend. My nose turned out exactly how I wanted it.

Esra Yalcin

I had rhinoplasty about 1 month ago. I watch the result in the mirror every day with satisfaction. In addition to the satisfaction he provides as a physician, I hope that he will be my “physician” in my aging process with his interest and kindness.

İlayda Fırat

I had surgery with Barış about three years ago and I thank him every time I look in the mirror. Even though he and his team have been three years apart, they keep their interest and follow my controls. I am very satisfied with my nose. I can say that Barış Bey is the best in his field 🙂

Seda Kavcı

I met him 3 years ago. I am very pleased with my dear doctor, who is very scrutinizing, understanding and aiming for natural aesthetic results. He was never alone after the operation. I and a few people I recommend feel very lucky thanks to you. . Thank you very much Barış Keklik🙏 for all your attention, understanding and wonderful natural results.