Breast is a woman’s sexual identity. Women who have problems with their breasts are affected by this situation physically and mentally.

There is no defined size of the breast. Although it shows social and personal changes, today women prefer a fuller, upright and rounded breast.


Breast size is a problem in both men and women. Breast enlargement in men is called gynecomastia  in women it is called gigantomastia or breast hypertrophy, and underlying hormonal and organic disorders should be investigated. In men, this rate is too high to be underestimated, and it reaches a size that disturbs patients whose body weight is close to normal. Although it is a more tolerable problem in women, it can reach dimensions that will affect the patient physically and socially, depending on its dimensions.

Although there is no standard criterion for breast size in women, it can be evaluated when it is considered as 21-23 cm in harmony with the body and the distance of the nipple from the notch between the collarbone (clavicle) bones.

Breast size causes are related to hormonal, puberty, weight gain and pregnancy status.

How to Perform Breast Augmentation with Keller Funnel?

The inner surface of the funnel-shaped ¨Keller Funnel¨ instrument is wetted. The inner surface of the Keller funnel is coated with a material that will be extremely slippery when wet and has been designed accordingly. The plastic surgeon makes enough incisions on the chest that the keller funnel technique needs. Keller then inserts the tip of the funnel through the incision. Then, the plastic surgeon pushes the prosthesis inward from here without being damaged. In a short time, the prosthetic breast is placed inside.

With the Keller Funnel Technique

1- Placing the prosthesis without touching

2- Small incision

3- Shorter operation time

4- Lower risk of infection

Op. Dr. Barış Keklik He is a very popular doctor because he can place prosthetics of any size through a small incision, as if passing a water balloon through the buttonhole. In this way, bruising, the risk of infection and postoperative discomfort are reduced. The recovery period is accelerating. Invisible incision with shorter incision line and much better wound healing without damaging the prosthesis.