The Frozen Face application, which we started to use in our clinic, is a process that provides the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and drugs that the skin needs to rejuvenate, tighten and remove stains, to the middle and deep layers of the skin. This method, also known as needle-free mesotherapy, reduces fine wrinkles on the skin surface. The skin becomes firmer and fuller.

After application, it allows the skin to moisturize and breathe. In this way, it helps moisture balance and relieves dryness of the skin. By creating a filling effect on the skin, it provides a lively and youthful appearance. In the first step of the Frozen Face process, the blood circulation is slowed down by the device head that feels like ice. You can repeat the FrozenFace system, which we recommend as 4 sessions at intervals of one week, then one session each time it is deemed necessary on the skin. This gives you a longer time for the permanence of the results.