What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair loss is seen as one of the main problems faced by people around the world these days. Because they have to face the problems of male pattern baldness, not only women but also men are concerned about this situation. This greatly undermines the self-esteem of some people and they are embarrassed to face the public. Hair loss usually occurs due to hereditary factors, poor diet, pollution, lack of essential nutrients, anemia, hormonal imbalance, dandruff and other serious problems. These people keep looking for new techniques that can help them somehow to get rid of this problem. Hair mesotherapy, which is one of the most effective treatment methods against hair loss, is accepted as one of the treatment options. In 1952, Dr. Developed by Michel Pistor; Mesotherapy, which is the process of making a mixture of medical ingredients (natural and homeopathic vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.) needed by the skin and applying them to the skin in superficial form as tiny injections; It is also a method applied to the scalp.

What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

Many internal or external factors play a role in the effect of tissues and the occurrence of hair loss.

  • Inherited traits
  • Environmental factors
  • Problems with organic, hormonal and metabolic characteristics that the person experiences.

Especially in men, the part that is described as the top region is observed as the region where hair loss is experienced the most. The reason for this is that this area is an area where there are hormone-sensitive hair strands. The loss of hormone-sensitive hair strands can also accelerate and increase over time with the effect of genetic predispositions and environmental factors.

What should be known is that when hair loss occurs, it should be evaluated as a result that sheds light on a situation that occurred 3-6 months ago.

Before starting hair mesotherapy, observing the person’s blood picture and some hormonal values ​​such as thyroid and sex hormones; It would be the right way to determine various biochemical values ​​such as iron, B12, biotin, and zinc levels in the body and to start treatment after they are replaced if there is a deficiency. Since hair mesotherapy provides great benefits in the regrowth and regeneration of your hair, it has been preferred a lot recently.

What is the Goal of Mesotherapy in Hair Loss?

  1. Slow down hair loss, if possible stop
  2. Structurally strengthen and strengthen the existing hair, increase the volume of the hair
  3. If there are hair follicles that have not completed their activity, ensuring that they return to activity

Slowing down hair loss and strengthening and reinforcing existing hair are benefits for anyone who applies for hair mesotherapy. Reaching the goal stated in the third article, that is, revitalizing the hair follicles that have not completed their activities, is only possible depending on the ideal conditions and the characteristics of the person such as age, hair feature and wear rate. If the hair follicles have completed their activities, hair transplantation may be a better alternative. Since hair mesotherapy provides great benefits in the regrowth and regeneration of your hair, it has been preferred a lot recently.

How is Hair Mesotherapy Done?

By hand or with a mesotherapy gun, the mixture is accessed to the scalp at a depth of 1-3 mm with a very fine needle and with a certain sequential frequency. Hair mesotherapy is a revolutionary treatment in the field of hair growth, as it can successfully solve the problem of shedding. In this process, medicine containing vitamins, minerals and necessary supplements is injected into the scalp in the mesoderm layer. This drug increases the blood flow in the area, stimulating the hair follicles so that you can easily see positive results within a week. The patient has almost no pain.