What is Medical Skin Care? How is it applied?

In daily life, every part of our body wears out at the same rate. Although it is generally thought that the skin is worn out due to external factors, the hands are also worn out in the same way as the face. Medical skin care (it will revitalize, deeply cleanse and refresh your skin) is a personalized care tailored for you to meet the special needs of your skin. A care is applied using dermocosmetic products in a clinical setting.

Young skin care:

It is a care made to meet the special needs of the skin.

Acne Skin Treatment :

Fully general and regional skin care is done. Existing acne on acne-prone skin is cleared. In the application of acne treatment, it is handled to balance the skin, to clean it deeply, to treat the formed acne and to prevent its formation.


The hydrolipidic layer of the skin surface consists of various inner epidermis oils and sebums. The amount of sebum varies depending on the number of glands in the body.

For example;

Internal factors; such as hormonal imbalance, age, genetics.
External factors; such as warmth and sun, lifestyle, nutrition.

Anti-aging Treatment:

It is a medical skin care applied for 30 years and over 35 years old and made according to needs.

Collagen Care:

It is a type of skin care made to increase the elasticity of the skin and is applied according to the needs of the person according to the results of the skin analysis.

What Should Be Considered After Medical Skin Care?

After skin care, the opened pores can recover in at least 2 hours. For this reason, make-up products such as foundation, powder, blush should not be used for one day after skin care, and the skin should be well protected against the sun.

Medical skin care should be done once a month, if the time cannot be adjusted, every 45 days.