Metabolic Balance®  What is it?

Metabolic balance is a nutritional medicine specialist in Germany, Dr. Created by Wolf Funfack. Metabolic Balance differs from other diet plans because it includes a holistic program that will balance the metabolism and allow you to achieve and maintain your ideal body weight.

1- What is Metabolic Balance?

Metabolic Balance is a weight-regulating metabolism program created by German doctor Wolf FUNFACK, an internist and nutritionist. This program regulates the eating and drinking habits of the individual in a healthy and balanced way within the framework of current laboratory analyzes and health status. Metabolic Balance differs from other diet plans because it includes a holistic program that will balance the metabolism and allow you to achieve and maintain your ideal body weight.

2- Is the purpose of the Metabolic Balance program to lose weight?

Since this is not a diet, it is a metabolism balancing program, those who want to gain weight or regulate their metabolism as well as lose weight can apply it. Since malnutrition causes weight and health problems in approximately 65 percent of adult people in developing countries, this program provides a balance of metabolism by eating right throughout life.

3- How is this balance achieved?

Thanks to the personalized nutrition plan, the body gets all the healthy nutrients it needs. In this way, the balance of hormones is strengthened. With just a dietary change, without dieting, if your goal is weight loss, you can achieve balance by protecting your health, without using products and drugs to support weight loss.

4- Is the system based on getting the nutrients the body needs?

In fact, the balance of our entire body is provided by hormones. If these hormones can be produced by the body, there is no problem. However, hormonal production is not sufficient in those with weight problems. When you give the body the necessary nutrients, it starts to produce its own hormones.

5- How long does the program take?

The first stage, which is the preparation period, lasts 2 days. The second stage is defined as the tight period and takes at least 14 days, depending on the person’s condition. In the third stage, which is the comfortable period, additional foods are added to the nutrition program. The fourth stage is defined as the life-long protection period.

6- How is the Metabolic Balance program implemented?

First Stage (Preparatory Period)

It starts with an interview with your doctor about nutrition and laboratory tests, and a special nutrition plan is prepared.

Stage Two (Tight Period)

During this period, which will continue for at least 14 days, your body adjusts itself according to the new healthy eating plan. In this direction, you will notice the change in your body weight and you will feel better.

Third Phase (Comfortable Period)

In the third stage, you begin to carefully try the foods and quantities that are not allowed in the second stage, that is, to pamper yourself. In this process, you will find the diet that suits you best.

Stage Four (Conservation Period)

You have now reached your ideal weight. You can protect yourself by following the rules of your new diet.

7- It is recommended to eat 3 meals a day and to have at least 5 hours between meals? Why?

Each snack disrupts the balance of metabolism, raises the insulin level and triggers hunger attacks. For this reason, it is very important to stick to the 5-hour break.

8- Which complaints can participate in this program?

It does not claim to cure diseases, but this program supports the treatment of blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and hormone problems.

9- Are there people who have not applied the Metabolic Balance program?

Yes. This program cannot be applied to pregnant women, lactating women, and those with liver and kidney failure. Also, it cannot be applied to vegetarians.

10- Are sports recommended while applying the program?

During exercise, more carbohydrates are burned than fat. Since our aim is to burn fat, we recommend heavy sports after the third phase of the program. Light sports (walking, yoga, pilates, etc.) are recommended at every stage of the program. The program has four phases;

1- Two days of preparation to cleanse your body.

2 – The strict phase where you adjust your metabolism according to your personalized plan.

3 – The comfortable period in which you experience the natural taste of food.

4 – Persistence phase based on newly acquired eating habits to maintain weight loss. A personalized diet plan not only tells you what your body needs, it also helps you learn which foods are not good for you and avoid them. It includes three meals a day and snacks are strongly discouraged.