Mustache is of great importance for some men in terms of self-confidence and external appearance. The mustache has also been a symbol of different societies, beliefs and social status throughout history. Mustache shapes were preferred for the purpose of reflecting an identity rather than an aesthetic appearance. From time to time, the mustache has been preferred to indicate political views and to use it as a distinguishing feature. In addition, customs and traditions, religious beliefs have led men to grow a mustache in some societies and to be mustacheless in others. In some cases, cutting a beard and mustache was considered a punishment for men and was punished by lawmakers.

The fact that the mustache plays such an important role in the social world and is an important element for men also plays a role in men’s mustache cutting preferences today.

Along with these, in some cases, various traumas and injuries can cause mustache not to grow and aesthetic disorders. In this case, mustache transplantation will cause the mustache to be regained in natural ways. In addition, scars, if any, can be closed.

Mustache transplantation is made from hair taken from the nape area, which is healthy and genetically coded not to fall out, as in the FUE Hair Transplantation method. The operation technique is also the same as in FUE hair transplantation. Channels are opened at angles suitable for the natural stance of the mustache in the area to be transplanted and hair follicles are placed in these channels.

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