Eating rich in saturated fats (red meat, fried foods, etc.) may cause obesity, as well as increase the level of low-density (LDL) cholesterol in the blood, which is called malignant. In obesity, high-density (hdl) cholesterol, which is defined as benign, also decreases; An increase in triglycerides is observed. Most of the fat in the body is stored as triglycerides. In the long term, increased fat rates cause it to accumulate on the arterial wall and cause arteriosclerosis. The most important risk factor in the formation of cardiovascular disease is atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis also increases the risk of stroke. Chest pain (angina) occurs as a result of insufficient nutrition of the heart muscle, especially in cases of increased effort (eg, climbing stairs, fast walking, during sports). Severe blockage in the arteries can lead to a heart attack. Since obesity triggers arteriosclerosis, narrowing of the arteries that feed the brain tissue may also occur. This triggers the formation of an intravascular clot, and the resulting clot causes no blood to flow to the brain part fed by the vessel. This situation constitutes a clinical stroke case. The brain tissue that is not fed loses its function and most of the time, one or more organs in the body lose their mobility or function. The risk of stroke increases significantly in morbid obesity.

Before surgery?

Dieting before surgery is a practice we recommend. This both reduces the risks of surgery-related complications and facilitates the surgical procedure as it reduces the size of the liver. In preparation for surgery, all routine surgical tests are performed. Respiratory functions are evaluated. In addition, the stomach is evaluated by endoscopy before surgery for possible gastric pathologies. Apart from the relevant examinations, the opinion of the cardiology, endocrinology, chest, psychiatry and anesthesiologist is taken for the surgery. The patient is fasted the night before. The patient is told what to do for the formation of a blood clot and blood thinners are started.