Porcelain laminates are popularly known as leaf porcelains.

Leaf porcelain is the process of gluing a porcelain layer of 0.7 mm thickness, specially prepared in the desired color, length and form, to the front of the tooth in order to change the shape and color of the teeth.

In which cases is porcelain leaf applied?

  • If it is necessary to close the gaps between the teeth, lengthen the teeth and reshape them,
  • For the treatment of broken or cracked teeth,
  • Patients who do not like the color of their teeth, have teeth colored by antibiotics and want permanent whiteness
  • Patients who don’t like their smiles can also use it for smile design,
  • Can be used as an alternative to porcelain veneers in the correction of slightly crooked teeth.

How is porcelain laminate made?

    In the session, a decision is made about what kind of porcelain should be made in line with the aesthetic expectations of the patient. Measure taken

  1. session is the rehearsal of the decided tooth. If there is no problem in the aesthetic expectation, the necessary preparations are made in the tooth.
  2. session porcelain rehearsal is done, if there is no problem, the process is completed by gluing. If there is a problem, it is fixed after one session.