What is Salmon DNA / Youth Vaccine? How is it applied?

Salmon DNA therapy is a protein derived from salmon milk. With aging, the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which are the most important supplements of the subcutaneous tissue, slows down and reduces the amount of hyaluronic acid. Although the skin looks dull and unhealthy, the signs of aging begin to appear. Salmon DNA is a scientifically proven treatment as the most natural source that can support missing proteins in human skin.   Salmon DNA application is created by obtaining pure hyaluronic acid and salmon DNA molecules. In addition to the salmon fish milk used in the skin rejuvenation method provided with salmon DNA, different vitamin supplements can also be made in line with the needs of the skin. Salmon DNA therapy, which provides most of the vitamin and protein needs of the skin, is a method that makes natural repairs and rejuvenates the skin.
Salmon DNA, thanks to the hyaluronic acid it contains, restores the moisture lost by the skin with age. Serum obtained from the milk of salmon fish is given under the skin as tiny injections. Thanks to this application, the protein deficiencies of the skin due to negative factors such as UV rays, alcohol and cigarettes are completed. Thus, a rejuvenating appearance appears on the skin day by day. When salmon DNA is injected into the patient, the skin renews itself and rejuvenates itself. DNA is the first and simplest step to prevent deep wrinkles, which helps maintain the moisture balance by keeping the water volume 10 thousand times more than its volume. It is a compound with high antioxidant power. It is used to fight aging in anti-aging treatments.

In which treatments is salmon DNA used?

  • Cell regeneration is provided in the skin,
  • Creates a rapid rejuvenation and rejuvenation effect,
  • Removes the sun effect on the skin,
  • Closes signs of aging,
  • Provides removal of problems such as pores, dullness, fine lines,
  • It has anti-aging feature.

It has become an important anti-aging treatment that can be used alone or combined with PRP, botox and filler applications. It can be applied to people who need skin rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation, and is also suitable for people suffering from under-eye circles and acne scars. It is inevitable for the patient to have a younger appearance and revitalize the skin, as it ensures the regeneration of the skin.