With the changing understanding of aesthetics in today’s world, everyone is knocking on the door of dietitians and doctors to have the body they dream of. With the developing medical science, it is now easier to achieve the desired results with aesthetics.

Changing diet and gaining excess weight as a result of inactivity are unfortunately distracting us from these goals. Although we try to diet and exercise regularly, unfortunately, we cannot achieve the body form we want due to our eating habits. Of course, if we include the genetic side of the situation, namely our hereditary characteristics that determine our body shape, the importance of plastic surgery becomes even more evident.

One of the most used methods in body shaping surgeries is Liposuction, that is, fat absorption. It should be noted that  liposuction a weight loss  It is not a method and is an operation. For this reason, in the conditions of maximum sterilization and equipped hospital  It is a procedure that must be done in competent hands. The aim of Liosuction is to absorb fat with the help of thin cannulas in order to correct the lubrication in unwanted areas despite healthy nutrition and sports or the body lines that are not aesthetically pleasing genetically.

The desired body shapes in men and women are different. Depending on the wishes of the plastic surgeon and the patient, it can be performed under sedation (semi-conscious) or general anesthesia. The area where the procedure will be performed is inflated by injecting a special serum and drug mixture known as Tumescent solution, and after waiting for about 10 minutes, the blood supply of the area is reduced to a minimum, minimizing the risk of bleeding and clotting, and the fat in the area is aspirated and removed with high vacuum with the help of cannulas. This method is known as classical liposuction.

With each passing day, technological developments in the field of aesthetics affect the surgeries in a way that we can achieve safer, more comfortable and better results. VASER liposuction, which has become increasingly popular lately and allows us to achieve better results than classical liposuction, which I prefer.

VASER is a device that uses the energy of sound waves to melt the fat tissues in the area we want to remove with liposuction, without damaging other tissues, and liquefy them. Its superiority over classical liposuction is that it melts only fat cells and makes them easy to aspirate without the need to apply physical force, without traumatizing other tissues, and prevents the fluctuations and irregularities that occur in classical liposuction. The less trauma in other tissues, the preservation of the lymphatic system, the faster recovery and more successful results in the postoperative period.

The safe operation of VASER cannulas at very close distance to the skin allows us to give a muscular body image and  It allows us to fine-tune the desired areas.

Since Vaser liposuction does not damage the matrix that keeps the subcutaneous adipose tissue standing like a scaffold, it accelerates the adaptation of the skin by adhering to the underlying muscle tissue in the post-operative period, in other words its redrape, and provides a shorter recovery time.

Every patient who is suitable for liposuction surgery is suitable for VASER liposuction surgery.

So who are suitable candidates for liposuction?

Even if liposuction can be applied to obese, overweight patients for motivation, expectations should not be kept high. Taking more than 10% of body weight in a single session will pose serious risks and the desired aesthetic results will not be achieved. Very successful results can be obtained with liposuction if there is no sagging of the skin and serious deterioration in skin quality in patients close to their ideal weight or overweight. In body shaping, the aim is not only to remove the fat tissue, but also to transfer it to other parts of the body in order to give contours by taking it from the excess areas. For this reason, fats taken by the VASER method can be used with high retention rates since they only contain adipose tissue.

After the surgery, our patients stay in the hospital environment for one night and are mobilized in the early period and are put into the recovery process as soon as possible. Depending on the condition of the areas performed, a corset that we will provide after the surgery and pads under it should be ensured for a period of time to decrease the edema properly and to redrap the skin. Plenty of fluids after surgery  If possible, stopping or minimizing smoking will ensure that the healing process takes place in the fastest and smoothest way. After a period of 4-6 weeks of corset use, one can completely return to normal life. But it should not be forgotten that a full recovery in liposuction surgery will take place at the end of 6 months, as in every plastic surgery.

If the body shape obtained after the surgery is taken care of (healthy diet, sports …), it is permanent if the body mass index is preserved. No deformation occurs outside of the normal aging process. The fats removed do not come out in another region or return again. I am trying to explain this situation as follows. If we think of the fat cells as a balloon filled with fat, when we burst 20 of our 100 fat balloons, they no longer have a chance to return, but if we continue to gain weight, we can increase the volume of the remaining 80 balloons and return to our pre-operative state.